Three ways to subscribe HOC5 Podcast

1. On a personal computer (PC or Mac)

  • Option 1: Use iTune in your PC or Mac to search HOC5 Podcast. If you don’t have iTune in your computer, visit Apple Website to download. Once the iTune was installed, launch the program and Search "Home of Christ in Cupertino" or "基督之家" to view the podcast.
  • Option 2: With the browsers IE or Firefox (Not Chrome), view HOC5 podcast by entering the following URL:
  • Option 3: Use Outlook to subscribe HOC5 Podcast:
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2. On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod


3. On an Android phone

  • Download "BeyondPod" or other podcast app to your phone
  • Press "Add feed" then Search "Home of Christ".
  • If you can’t find the podcast from HOC5, search by entering the complete URL:
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