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今年我們教會仍然會響應 Samaritan’s Purse 的《聖誕愛心鞋盒》活動,把愛心禮物裝到一個鞋盒子裡,送給貧困地居的小朋友。

Return your Shoebox by 11/22 to HOC5 new building

如何準備禮物鞋盒 How to Pack Your Shoebox

  1. Get your pre-printed box in the front of the new building, 10am-6pm, Fri, Sat, or Sun.
  2. Select BOY/GIRL and age range. TAPE TO BOX.
  3. Select a quality “WOW’ toy such as a stuff animal.
  4. Other gift: Fill with other fun toys, hygiene items and school supplies.
    Examples: comb, hairbrush, toothbrush, washcloth, bandages, shirts, pants, underwear, sunglasses, hair bows, bracelets, pencils, color pencil, crayons, coloring books, stickers, play dough, slinky, foam balls, yoyo, marbles, etc. Please DO NOT include: candy, chocolates, toothpaste, used items, war related toys, liquids, & breakable items.
  5. PRAY: Most importantly, pray for the child who will receive your gift.
  6. Follow the instructions in the box to pay $9 online. This covers shipping cost and other project costs.
  7. DROP OFF: Take your shoe box to the new building. Deadline for accepting boxes is 6pm, Nov. 22nd, Sunday.

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