30-Day Challenge

30-Day Challenge – Scouting at Home

Scouting can happen anywhere, and a lot can happen in your own home! At times when families are together for extended periods, conducting Scouting activities is a great option for parents to discover new ways to connect with and learn with their kids.

Introducing the 30-Day Cub Scout Challenge, a great way to keep your Scouting skills sharp without leaving home. Packed full of adventure and elective requirements, use this daily checklist as a roadmap to earn a 30-day Challenge patch.


Family Tree Challenge for 1st and 2nd Graders
“Sink or Float?” Challenge for 3-5th Graders

30-day Challenge

  1. Find the checklist that matches your rank, print it out.
  2. During the month of April, 2020, complete all activities on the checklist.
  3. Get your parents’ signature when you finish all of the activities.
  4. Bring the signed checklist to our next pack meeting to claim the patch.


  1. 按照孩子的級別,從下面的鏈接中印出checklist
  2. 在2020年4月中, 每天完成一項任務。
  3. 當所有任務都完成後,家長請在checklist上面簽名
  4. 下次我們pack meeting的時候,請帶著簽名完成的checklist來領取patch