FAQ 常见问题

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between “童子军” and “童军”?
Boy Scout 在2008年之前称为「童子军」,但自2008年起,世界各地的华人童军总会联合将中文名称正式改为童军。中国并非世界童军组织的会员国,目前在中国境内仍然有许多机构以旧名称「童子军」为名作为商业牟利的工具。真正的童军是非营利机构。 “Boy Scout” was translated as “童子军” before 2008. The new Chinese translation is “童军”. Some people still use the old term 童子军 in China. Since China is not a WOSM member, There is no NSO (National Scout Association, 童军总会) in China and they have no contact with other NSOs and the World Organization. All scouting organizations in China are local business operating for profit.
Q: 童军就是玩户外游戏及参加营会吗?
Q: Boy Scout is about outdoors and camp, right?
其实户外游戏及参加营会只是童军活动的一部分,大部分的时间孩子们是从活动中学习生活知识、团队精神及如何成为一个智仁勇三者兼备的好公民。 Outdoors and camps are only part of Boy Scout activities. Young people in the Scouts learn social skills and team spirits, build character and become a good citizenship via indoor and outdoor activities.
Q: 童军到底都在做什么?
Q: What do scouts do?
童军的主要目的是向青少年提供他们在生理、心理和精神上的支持,培养出智仁勇三者兼备的公民,希望将来这些青少年可以回馈社会并对社会有所贡献。童军活动鼓励孩子奉献、服务,以及在身体、心理上磨炼自己,对自然环境,对国家,对社区,对人有服务贡献之心,同时学会如何与成人应对,勇敢表达自己。 Young people in the Scouts take part in an exciting program of activities from kayaking to coding. They develop character skills like resilience, initiative and tenacity; employability skills such as leadership, teamwork and problem solving; and practical skills like cooking and first aid.
Q: 参加幼童军485团的年龄要求?
Q: What’s the age limit for joining Pack 485?
485团接受小学一年级至五年级的男女学童报名参加。 Pack 485 accepts boys and girls in 1st to 5th grade.
Q: 我们不是基督徒,可以参加幼童军485团吗?
Q: We are not Christians, can we join Pack 485?
当然可以!虽然485团是由基督之家第五家成立的幼童军团,但我们欢迎不同信仰的家庭参加。 Of course! Pack 485 was chartered by Home of Christ Church in Cupertino but we welcome families from different religion to join us.
Q: 女生可以参加幼童军485团吗?
Q: Can girls join Pack 485?
可以的。自2018年起,美国幼童军开始接受女生参加。 Yes. Cub Scout packs start accepting girls in 2018.
Q: 你们有固定的聚会地点吗?一般活动的地点在哪里?
Q: Where is the location of your pack meetings and den meetings?
我们例行的团集会(Pack Meeting)及小队会议(Den Meeting)在基督之家第五家举行。但是户外活动如野餐、露营、射箭等则依活动地点而定。 Our regular Pack Meeting and Den Meeting take place at the Home of Christ Church in Cupertino. Other outings such as picnic, camping, or archery take place at various locations.
Q: 幼童军的孩子多久聚会一次?在甚么时间聚会?
Q:How often do Cub Scouts meet? When do you meet?
我们例行的团集会(Pack Meeting) 通常是每个月两次,在周六下午2:00pm举行。团集会之后会有小队会议(Den Meeting),孩子们按年龄分到不同的教室上课及活动。另外,团及小队有时会安排外出活动来取代室内的集会。 Pack 485’s pack meeting is held for all Cub Scouts and their families roughly twice a month on Saturdays at 2pm followed by the den meetings . Beyond that, a den may hold a special activity, such as a service project or visit to a local museum, in place of one of the den meetings. Likewise, a pack may conduct a special event such as picnic, or overnight outing.
Q: 孩子参加幼童军,家长需要投入多少时间当义工?
Q:How much time do I have to volunteer per month?
童军活动并不是Day Care或者课后班,我们也没有雇用保母来照顾孩子,所有活动及课程都靠家长们来帮忙完成。从担任团长 (Cubmaster) 、小队长(Den Leaders),活动执行 (Adult in Charge, AIC),或者团务委员 (Committee Members) 等,有的只要每个月两三个小时,有的每星期两三个小时,每个家庭可以按自己的能力来服务。 Cub Scout is not a day care service or after school program. We don’t hire babysitters to take care of your child.  All activities and program were conducted by parents. Volunteer positions include Cubmaster, den leaders, AIC (adult in charge), committee members, etc. Some of them require a few hours a week, some might take just a mere a few hours a month. You can choose the one that fits you.