Young Adult Fellowships


Young Adult Fellowship – Thursday

 Thursdays 8pm English Sanctuary
 Sarah Chang

We’re not so young, but we’re not so old. We’re not beyond doing some foolish things, but we’re not so immature, either. We’re definitely not settled down yet, but we’re not completely dependent on others anymore. We’re somewhere in between, in that limbo known as young adulthood, and hopefully, as Goldilocks puts it, we’re “just right.” So many unknowns and big decisions lie before us, whether we’re headed off for more education, working full-time, or have no clue what we want to do.

We may not have everything in life figured out. Truth is, we never will. Have EVERYTHING figured out, that is. But even so, we continue down this road together to encourage one another in community, and learn about how God desires us to live a righteous life that is glorifying to Him who does have everything under control!

Wanderers and strangers are welcome in these parts. Come join us!

Adult Fellowships


TGIF – Thank God It’s Fellowship

 Fridays 7:30pm off-campus
 Colin McCracken

Friday, Fellowship, Fun and Food are key attributes for this group ranging from “empty nesters” to newly married young adults.

Foot Prints


 Saturdays 7:30pm off-campus
 Christine & Wing Hung

This group of “empty nesters” and parents of youth shares laughter, prayer, and personal experiences of how God works in their lives.

Ambassadors for Christ Youth Group

 Saturdays 7:30pm in English Sanctuary
 Pastor Yuji Ogura

In the Youth Fellowship, we want to create Ambassadors for Christ by equipping youth with every opportunity to find and share Christ in their daily lives.
Our aim to accomplish this comes through worship, messages, small groups, and other activities. We also want to provide our youth with regular opportunities to hear and encounter Christ.
Our latest focus is on the study of relationships God has put into our lives. It is our vision to see families and friends come together under Christ in the Church.
We would love to have you join us or lend a helping hand to our fellowship!


Young Families Group

 Sundays 4pm off-site
 Irving Chung

We are a ragtag band of travelers along the road of following Christ, brought together by our shared calling and station as young parents.
We welcome parents of all kinds and sorts to come out of isolation and hiding and find a safe community of transparent souls longing to receive and dispense of God’s grace and love for all of us, big and small.
Within our little tribe, we hope you will encounter the freeing grace of God, equipping you for the long days and hard nights, and the greater hope of what God is growing in our lives and faith through this challenging season as young families.

Lighthouse Fellowship

 Various times & locations
 Yuan Chou

Jesus calls his followers to be light to this world. In the Lighthouse Fellowship, we seek to be faithful to God’s calling to be houses (families) of light in our community.
Our group comprises families with children ranging in age from preschoolers to middle-schoolers. We meet weekly to pray, worship, study God’s Word, share battle stories, and simply to have fun. We endeavor to encourage and serve one another in our journeys together as parents of young children and as disciples of Christ. We invite you to join our extended family, to grow together in the love of our Lord Jesus and to be His faithful servants in all circumstances.