Den Meeting Week

03/14/2020 all-day
Den Leader's home

本週沒有團集會(Pack meeting),由各小隊自行進行小隊活動(Den meeting)。小隊長可以自行決定Den meeting的形式,選擇時間及地點。活動方式請參考下面的幾個建議。

Home Den Meeting Week is the week for each den to meet at one of den parents’ home for a den activity. Normally it’s in Den Leader’s home but could be in anyone’s home from the den.

The meeting time can be any time during the week from 2 to 4 hours. Feel free to invite other leaders from the pack to your meeting.

Also, each den needs to prepare a skit/performance for the Award day on 12/8.

Activity ideas for the home den meeting:

  • Work on your adventure requirements
  • Potluck lunch (or dinner)
  • Learn a new song or practice skit (prepare for the year-end party)
  • Game time (board game of play cards)
  • Show-and-tell – Pet, collection, or hobby, etc.
  • Outings:
    • Visit Fire Station
    • Visit Animal Shelter
    • Visit Local Recycle Center
    • Hiking
    • Bowling
    • Ice-skating
    • Miniature Golf, etc.

For more ideas for the den meeting, visit 100+ Den Meeting Ideas

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