Mental Health Ministry

Home of Christ Church in Cupertino

The Mental Health Ministry


The Mental Health Ministry

The Mental Health Ministry in Home of Christ Church in Cupertino is an organization of Christians passionate about being Jesus’ hands and feet into our local community to help others discover tools to build personal wholeness, healthy families, and a thriving community.

We strive to promote awareness of mental health, help people cultivate emotional intelligence, and healthy relationships, and provide loving care to those who experience hardship in life:

  • Stephen Ministry provides distinctively Christian, one to one care to anyone in our community who is going through a difficult time, a transition or crisis and is in need of encouragement and support.
  • Support Groups are formed for people facing similar struggles in their life journeys! With people who understand, walking alongside, your pain will surely be more bearable and hope will rise. We currently offer GriefShare and Moms with Teens
  • Workshops: Prevention is 3 times more effective than treatment. Therefore, we offer personal EQ, marriage, and parenting workshops, to help people cultivate emotional intelligence and healthy relationships
  • We also offer seminars and Sunday sermons to the local community to advocate for emotional, mental and relational health with biblical principles as well as modern clinical psychological discoveries.
  • Counseling Center offers affordable professional psychotherapy for individuals, couples and family. With God’s mercy and professional psychotherapeutic treatment, we aim to bring healing to the hurt!